Real life. I love to discover serendipitous moments in the everyday. And to draw from that aspects that inspire photographs and motion cinema. Sometimes all that I need is happening right in front of me. I need only be ready. In the words of Ansel Adams “a great photograph happens when preparedness meets opportunity.” When a client hires me, I give an interpretation of his or her idea, but always stay open to the surprises that appear, keeping a keen sense of what is zestfully occurring all around me. Zest for life.

Self taught, more or less. Attended the San Francisco Art Institute..all the while actively working free lance. Worked with several photographers at the Magnum agency in New York and around the world. I am going part way around the world at this moment, the spring of 2013….Spain, Portugal & France…..Re-visiting and newly visiting places now acquiring digital capture in stills and HD motion. Applying the digital & HD idiom to a world I previously recorded in still photography film and motion Super 16mm & 35mm film stocks. And larger: Created Imax nature footage for Terrence Malick for The Tree Of Life.

Love transposing to the new visual languages.